Operating Policy


Certification: "Health First"

Health Protocol for the Prevention of COVID-19 and operating procedures


Your health, safety and comfort are our absolute priorities, combined with our staff's health and the implementation of hygiene rules. Our hotel has implemented the envisaged health protocols and has taken all the necessary protective measures against COVID-19, in which all members of our staff have been trained.

Coordinator for the implementation of the measures and responsible for the execution of the suspected COVID-19 case management plan is Mr. Nektarios Livadaros (+30) 22860 36591 e-mail address info@symphonysuitessantorini.com .


The procedures regarding the operation of our hotel have been differentiated and are the following:

  • All hotel guests and staff members must keep a distance of two (2) meters or six (6) feet from each other during check-in and check-out and in all areas of our hotel.
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitizer in public areas.
  • Check in/ check out hours: In order to have more time available for cleaning, disinfection and adequate natural ventilation of the room, the arrival and departure hours are set as follows:
  • Check – in:  15.00 p.m.
  • Check in/ check out hours:  11.00 a.m.


Room cleaning Arrival:

Our experienced staff has been informed and trained according to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization. It is equipped with disposable masks, gloves, waterproof robes and closed shoes. The room is ventilated during cleaning and the hours between stays. The room is cleaned with absolutely appropriate and  special cleaning agents. The room and the bathroom surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Also, there is a mandatory minimum wait of at least one hour before the room is given to the guest, with necessary natural ventilation with open windows and doors. Fabric surfaces are cleaned with a steam device. Additionally, the TV and the air conditioner remote controls are covered each time with a new, clean and special disposable cover.

Change of bed linen/towels during your stay

During your stay, the cleaning of the room and the change of towels, will be done daily. Bed linen are changed every two days.



Breakfast service is available only with in-room service and the breakfast hours are from 08:00 to 10:30 am. Your order can be made from the previous day by filling the menu and stating the time you would like to receive breakfast in your room. Our staff uses all the necessary personal protective equipment, while, especially for room service, all food hygiene rules are applied for the transportation of food within the hotel, as well as all hygiene requirements for the collection of utensils that have already been used by customers.


Jacuzzis (Bathtubs)

The Jacuzzis are used exclusively by the room guests. In the areas of the Jacuzzis, a regular monitoring with a portable spectrophotometer or colorimetric method of chlorine levels is carried out every two hours during their operation and a record of all the users is kept.


Layout-disinfection of seats

The arrangement of the seats / sunbeds in all areas of the hotel is such that the distance between the extreme points of the seats of two persons staying in a different room is at least two meters. All seats are disinfected after each use.


Luggage storage

Luggage storage service is available, after the luggages are sprayed with a special surfaces disinfectant.


Non hotel guests are prohibited from entering

According to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization, it is strictly prohibited for non hotel guests to enter the hotel rooms. Our staff members are excluded from this prohibition.


Smoking –Smokers

Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor areas of the hotel. It is prohibited in the hotel's rooms, as well as in the hotel's indoor areas (reception, breakfast area, etc.).



During their stay in our hotel, they must be accompanied by their parents/guardians or by persons to whom their parents/guardians have entrusted the care of their children and who are responsible for them.

Our Hotel has no responsibility for unaccompanied minors.

The parents/guardians of the minors or the person to whom the parents/guardians have entrusted the care of their children are responsible for the proper use of our hotel's facilities, as well as the electrical equipment and all kinds of equipment of our hotel rooms.

These mainly include the use of jacuzzis located in the rooms, for which solely responsible are the parents/guardians of the minors or the persons to whom they have entrusted the care of their children


Use of jacuzzi

The use of jacuzzis by the guests in the rooms is exclusively at their own responsibility.